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New trends in the domestic pump technology
To lead the trend of the domestic pump industry, accurately grasp the development trend of pump technology is the basic skills. Pump technology development as the development of other industries, is driven by market demand achieved. Today, history has entered into the twenty-first century, people in environmental protection, electronics and other fields of high-tech development and sustainable development of the world dominated by the huge demand generated by the background, to include the pump industry, including many industries or areas of had brought about the rapid changes in technology and development. The development trend of pump technology, mainly the following points:

the diversification of products
products lies in the vitality of the market demand. Today’s market demand is asking to have their own characteristics, product characteristics, so different; precisely this point, creating a pump product diversification trend. Its diversity is mainly embodied in pump transmission media diversity, the differences in product mix and operational requirements, such as the different aspects.
From the diversity of transmission media, the earliest delivery pump for a single water and other mobile liquid, gas or slurry can now transfer to the solid-liquid mixture of gas-liquid mixture, solid-liquid gas mixture until transmission of live objects such as potatoes, fish and so on. The delivery of different objects for pump internal structure of the requirements are different.
In addition to conveying the structure of the object on the pump have different requirements, in the form of pump installation, piping layout of the form. Maintenance and other aspects of the internal or external pump structure are put forward new demands. At the same time, all manufacturers in the design of the structure also increase their business philosophy, it is necessary to increase the pump to improve the structure of the degree of diversification.
Based on sustainable development and environmental protection in general background, the operating environment pump design of the pump has also filed a large number of requirements, such as reducing leakage. Reduce noise vibration, increased reliability. Life of the pump and so are the design of a different focus or emphasis should be considered in parallel, are bound to form a diversified form of pump.

Upgraded pump design and manufacturing technology to optimize the organic integration of
entered the information age of today, pump designers have been using computer technology to carry out product development and design (such as the use of CAD) greatly improved the design of its own speed, shorten the product design cycle. Mainly in the production of manufacturing them to numerical control technology, as represented by CAM manufacturing technology has been deep into the production of these pumps. However, before the domestic situation, the main CAM CNC technology used in the production of bulk products. For single or small-batch production, the current CAM technology is not yet in widespread implementation of pump industries, single-piece and small-batch production is still dominated by traditional production equipment.
As a result of market demand goods manufacturers period as short as possible, especially for special products (for users of products) to shorten the supply cycle, it is necessary to pump manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the use of CAM technology and even the computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS ). Flexible Manufacturing (FMC and FMS) to die from design to manufacturing, spare parts processing, such as dealing with the various sectors to ensure that once a coherent design is completed, the product processing components also tend to be completed in the same period to ensure that the shortening production cycle.
At the same time, with the exception of the use of computer graphics will be on the computer outside of the vector product of the intensity of analysis, the reliability of estimates and three-dimensional design, the original production of the need to identify and solve technical problems, local structural problems and assemblers of issues raised to preventive pre-production, reduce the trial period.

Product standardization and modular
in a wide range of products at the same time, pumping as a generic product, the overall total is still enormous. In the market, with the exception of emerging technical competition, the price competitiveness of products, especially the price of generic product competition is an inevitable trend. Products appear in a wide range of trends, product prices in order to achieve competitive advantage, improve product standardization of parts and components, parts and components of modular products is essential. Among the various modular components to achieve through a combination of different modules or change the characteristics of individual components in order to achieve the diversification of products. At the same time, parts and components only when the degree of standardization may improve only after the product-based diversification based on the actual size of the parts and components production, to reduce production costs and product prices to form a competitive advantage can also be diversified in product the basis of further shorten product delivery cycle.

Enhancement of the intrinsic properties of pumps and the pursuit of the external characteristics of
the inherent characteristics of the so-called pump means including product performance, quality parts and components, machine assembly quality, appearance quality, etc. the inherent characteristics of the product, or Jane call quality. At this point, is the number of pump manufacturers is also of concern to further increase its efforts to improve the area. In fact, we can see that there are many products in the factory testing to meet the units running, often fail to detect the effect of factory, the occurrence of such overload, noise increases, the use of or fail to reduce life expectancy, etc. such issues; and pump in practice where the operation or running characteristics, we call

the external characteristics of pump or system characteristics.
technical staff when carrying out product design, to enhance the efficiency of 1 percent of a product often spend a lot of thought; and pump to run efficiently if the deviation from the design point, the actual operation of the efficiency of far more than per cent lower one. Now, the pump manufacturer for the user at the same time supporting including frequency control, including equipment and complete sets of equipment, in fact, has been involved in the external characteristics of pumps on the pursuit. On this basis, a further concern about the concentration of pump control systems, to enhance the operational efficiency of pumps and pumping stations, it is in the pump on the external characteristics of the pursuit of a higher level.
From the sales point of view, to promote their products that is inherent in the marketing pump characteristics; and concern about the external characteristics of the pump is not only manufacturers to promote their products, but also in the marketing of pumping stations (complete sets of projects). From the use of perspective, a good product must be suitable for the environment instead of running the factory Discriminant detection products. Mechatronics

the further development of
development of science and technology as the same. At this stage in the interdisciplinary field of science and technology, the edge of disciplines increasingly rich, interdisciplinary study is a very common thing, as the pump is also the case with the technical development of products. To shield pump as an example, the abolition of the pump seal, we must begin by the beginning of motor structure, which is limited to pump itself realized there is no way to solve the noise problem pump, in addition to solve the pump flow and vibration, at the same time need to be resolved Blade motor noise and electromagnetic noise; to improve the reliability of submersible pumps, submersible motors must be added, such as leakage protection, overload protection and other measures; to improve the efficiency of pump operation shall be controlled through the use of technology and so on. These all indicate the level of pump technology to develop, it is necessary to support the motor and control technology to proceed at the same time, taken together, maximize the level of mechanical and electrical integration.

New materials to accelerate the use of new technology
the past decade or so, new materials and new technology is to promote the use of pump technology development as a major factor. Pump materials from cast iron to the special metal alloy, from the rubber products, ceramics and other typical non-metallic materials to engineering plastics, in resolving the corrosion-resistant pump, wear-resistant, high temperature, such as the environment has played a prominent role. At the same time, the use of new technology and new materials to better use to pump parts and the whole pump them. If some foreign manufacturers have designed and introduced the use of engineering plastics made from pump. Than using an ordinary metal materials production pump favorably in intensity in the superior corrosion resistance of wear-resistant. For instance the use of new surface coating technology and surface treatment technology, the same pump to resolve the issue of corrosion resistance and anti-wear. New materials and new techniques to further develop the use of depth, in the pump in the field of application will be more widely
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