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 Hydraulic technology has many obvious advantages, from the civil defense out by the general drive to the high precision control systems, have been widely applied.
    In the defense industry, the land, and violence. Many of Air Force weapons and equipment are used hydraulic transmission and control. Such as aircraft, tanks, warships, radar, artillery, missiles and rockets.
    In the machine tool industry, the current 85% of machine tool drive system using hydraulic transmission and control, such as grinder, milling machine, planer, broaching machine, presses, shearing machine and the combination of machine tools.
    In the metallurgical industry, the electric control systems, rolling mill control system, open hearth furnace loading, converter control, blast furnace control, strip deviation and constant tension device, adopted hydraulic technology.
    In construction machinery, the general use of hydraulic transmission, such as excavators, wheeled loaders, truck crane, crawler push koki, tires crane, self-propelled scraper, grader and vibration, such as Roller.

In agricultural machinery, the use of hydraulic technology is very broad, such as combine harvesters, tractors and plows, etc..
In the automobile industry, hydraulic off-road vehicles, hydraulic dump truck, hydraulic high above the cars and fire engines, etc. hydraulic technique used; 
    In the textile industry, the use of compression technology Gai There are plastic injection molding machine, rubber vulcanizing machine, paper-making machines, printing machines and textile machines; 
    In the shipbuilding industry, the application of hydraulic technology is widespread, such as full hydraulic dredging, salvage ships, piling ship oil platform, hydrofoil boats, hovercraft and ships and other auxiliary equipment.
    In recent years. Also in the sun-tracking system, wave simulator, ship driving simulator, earthquakes reproduce, rocket launchers to help fly home Pei, aerospace environment earthquake simulation and high-rise building systems and tight
not prepared braking devices, also used hydraulic technology. In short

In all the engineering fields, where there is mechanical equipment of the occasion, can be used hydraulic technology, its prospects are extremely bright.

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